If you are looking for a cleaning team in the New Hampshire area, the choices can be overwhelming. By asking the right questions, it is easy to find a trustworthy partner who is going to get the job done right.

Here are questions you can use to choose a ​​cleaning team. We hope you like our questions; we are looking forward to working for you.

1. How do you charge for your services?

This is definitely the answer you need first. You can also ask what the going rate for commercial cleaning is. Or how much do commercial cleaning companies charge per hour?

At Royal Cleaning Services, our prices are very reasonable and average with other cleaning companies. The market average cleaning rates range from $. 07 to $. 15 per sq ft according to priceithere.com. Commercial cleaning, every project is completely different according to the services that you are requesting from tile grout cleaning to carpet cleaning or even portal services the prices may vary as well. Each business is different; please call Roger at 800-997-7240 so he can give you an estimate and make sure we could work with your budget and make sure that you are happy with it.

2. What does commercial cleaning consist of?

In general, our complete range of cleaning services includes, but is not limited to:

At Royal Cleaning Services, we work with New Hampshire based businesses of all sizes. We will listen to your needs and tailor a commercial cleaning package just for you. We will make sure the cost-efficient package will cover all your cleaning requirements.

3. What is a commercial deep clean?

Even though you may clean your place of business daily, a deep commercial clean is necessary periodically. Deep cleaning involves sanitizing the walls, partitions, floors, carpets, and all surfaces, etc. High pressure and steam techniques will be used to ensure that no surface is left with a buildup of germs and bacteria. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Start by doing a high dusting of all vents and light fixtures.
  • Vacuum all blinds, drapes, windowsills, tracks, etc.
  • Dust all walls and clean all light switches.
  • Dust all doors and clean all doorknobs.
  • Dust all baseboards.
  • Move all furniture and thoroughly vacuum all carpets or scrub all floors. Make sure to clean all baseboards behind furniture that is usually not cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces.
  • Clean and sanitize all computer keyboards and screens.
  • Clean all kitchen cabinets, appliances, refrigerators, etc.
  • Clean all restroom walls, toilets, urinals, sinks.
  • Do a machine scrub on restroom floors. This will help eliminate urine smell.
  • Redo the caulk around the toilets and sinks.
  • Window Cleaning
  • High Ceiling Dusting (Especially if you have a warehouse)
  • Strip and Wax

4. How often shall I do a commercial deep clean?

At Royal Cleaning Services, Roger recommends doing a commercial deep clean once each season.

We hope that we answered all your questions and we hope you like our answers. When you search “cleaning services New Hampshire”, don’t forget us. We are right in your neighborhood. Our Flexible Scheduling:

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