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The range of our professional Office Janitorial and Office Cleaning Services is extensive and varied. Of course, we perform all the typical office cleaning services provided by most companies who are in the Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Service business, only, our customers would claim that we do them better.

These services, performed in a professional and timely manner to suit your needs, would normally include washing all hard floors, stripping and waxing when necessary, vacuum of all carpet cleaning & Repair, steam cleaning or shampooing when necessary, dusting of all horizontal surfaces such as desks, file cabinets etc., washing and/or polishing when necessary, emptying of trash cans, disposing of recyclables in the appropriate containers. Also, spot-cleaning of walls and glass where there are finger marks etc.

Carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning and the other Focus Building Maintenance and Commercial Cleaning Services mentioned above are just a few of our cleaning services offered Focus Cleaning.

Finding the best office cleaning services in your area doesn’t have to be a chore when you use Royal Cleaning Services.

We has been connecting customers with office cleaning professionals, ensuring that your professional space shines and impresses your clients and employees alike.

Royal Cleaning Services also offers several other, often requested, Janitorial Cleaning Services such as: window cleaning, carpet repair, power washing, construction clean-up, handyman services, exterior maintenance, extreme garbage removal, parking-lot maintenance, emergency services, to name a few.

These services go above and beyond the Janitorial Cleaning Services and Commercial Cleaning Services of most companies in our industry. Visit or call us: 800-997-7240

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