Medical Building Cleaning

Medical Building Cleaning

Medical Building

Cleaning for a Medical Office Requires a Commercial Cleaning Company with Experience. Not just any janitorial Cleaning Company  can take on medical office cleaning jobs. Unlike Janitorial cleaning for other kinds of offices and buildings, Healthcare facility cleaning and medical office cleaning require specialized training and equipment in order to be done right.



Royal Cleaning Service stakes cleanliness and maintaining quality standards seriously, as these premises have hundreds and thousands of visitors every day, and they visit the premises for health reasons. Hence, a professional cleaning services provided like Focus Cleaning becomes a core part of the services, as we can customize our offering to any situation and need.

Our doctor’s office cleaning services are certified and insured, and we employ highly trained professionals who strive to maintain the safety and quality standards of your practice.

Royal Cleaning Services offers high-end doctor/dental office cleaning services in the Boston and the Greater Lowell Area. We have cleaners ready for action in Burlington, Bedford, Nashua, Salem, Wilmington, Lowell, Billerica, Andover, Hudson, NH, Boston Areas, and other Southern parts of Massachusetts and New Hampshire


Areas We Clean

High Risk Areas

  • CATH Lab
  • C.T.V.S
  • Post-Operating Units
  • MICU
  • NICU
  • CCU
  • Recovery Unit

Medium Risk Areas

  • Examination rooms
  • Procedure rooms
  • Consultation rooms
  • In-Patient rooms
  • Blood Bank
  • Labs

Low Risk Areas

  • Public areas
  • Waiting areas
  • Corridors
  • Basement
  • Staircases
  • Elevators
  • Common washrooms
  • Mortuary
  • MRI
  • MRD Nursing Station