Gyms & Fitness Center Cleaning

Gyms and fitness centers hold a unique level of intimacy and trust with their clientele, one nearly unmatched in the retail and services space. With this comes certain expectations of their facility, like an expert level of gym clean services.

Royal Cleaning services over the past ten years has mastered this demand with its ready adoption of the latest cleaning technologies to better serve your facilities.

Specialized Gym Cleaning Services
gym cleaning services

Give your staff and members the added benefits of a green gym cleaning service that focuses on improving health and reducing indoor air pollution.

Your staff and members take time to take care of themselves, and you can take improving their health one step further and beyond the competition! Royal Cleaning Services has a wide range of health and fitness facilities including but not limited to health clubs, country clubs, yoga and Pilates studios, CrossFit facilities, homeowner’s association gyms, large-scale gyms to intimate / niche clubs – all have their specific needs and machinery in which Royal Cleaning Services services can be customized.

We have highly skilled cleaning professionals that are screened and experienced in fitness center cleaning services.

A Clean Fit.

What defines a great gym cleaning service is their attention to detail.

Royal Cleaning Services have an extensive certification program which speaks to exactly that. Workout spaces, equipment rooms. restrooms, high use areas, equipment, water stations – not a detail is overlooked.

Keeping Even Your Pickiest Customers Happy.

This is our priority; Our signature janitorial cleaning service processes which range from preventing cross-contamination to a reduction in indoor air pollution with state-of-the-art janitorial service chemicals and materials all focus on eliminating harmful germs, bacteria, spores and harsh chemicals to keep your clients and staff happy and healthy.

Gym Disinfecting Services When You Need Them.

Royal Cleaning Services hospital-grade Sani-Spritz, UV-C Sanitation Wand or electrostatic disinfecting services can be included in your gym cleaning service, gym disinfecting includes high traffic areas, locker rooms, restrooms or sensitive machinery for an extra level of clean.

Green Cleaning is Our Standard service

Royal Cleaning Services makes it that much easier and affordable to keep your gym or fitness center green and healthy. Our green gym cleaning services come with our commitment to health and the environment, from using our certified green chemicals, efficient microfiber towels, HEPA filtration vacuums, 100% post-consumer recycled tools and materials – we offer all at no additional charge to you.

Professionalism, Always.

Uniformed, badged and with an aptitude for the most effective clean, you can assure that your facility is safe and ready for you when you return the next day.