Cleaning Services for Car Dealerships

Interior of car dealership cleaning

Your showroom is where you make some of your best sales, so having your dealership clean is your first priority. If you’re looking for a commercial cleaning company that is committed to green cleaning solutions, exceeding your expectations and consistently being reasonably priced, Royal Cleaning Services is your first pick.

Royal Cleaning Services car dealership cleaning service is more than just providing a sparkling showroom.

We aim to not only make your cars shine, but to impress customers as soon as they walk in.

There is nothing more important than creating a great impression to grab the interest of customers. Savvy customers aren’t just after the quality of products nor the price; almost everyone will be more encouraged by a clean business environment.

The overall appearance of your business will be more likely to create the first impression and becomes one of the first parts in their decision-making process. Exceed their expectations and let us create the first impression.

Areas We Clean


Monthly pressure washing

Removing grease and stains


Glass doors panels

Sweep/mop floors

Strip and waxing

Office Rooms



What methods do we use for dealership cleaning?

There are actually quite a few aspects to pay attention to when cleaning a car dealership. Good thing we love details! A reliable cleaning company knows that a dealership isn’t just it’s showroom windows. From the corners of your employee’s offices, to the grout lines on the floor, everything gets cleaned With Royal Cleaning Services

Cars within an indoor space, especially in a dealership, aren’t just models. Your best cars are still active machines, and while in their best shape, can still leak the occasional bit of oil or antifreeze. While this is bad news period, it’s also bad news for your dealership floor. This can be avoided by using floormats under your indoor cars, but we will still clean every inch of your dealership’s space.

Car dealership cleaning can be a big job. There are many surfaces and spaces to consider, from tile to glass to carpet. Dealership and showroom cleaning require experience and expertise. Luckily, Focus Cleaning has the knowledge to back up exceptional commercial cleaning services.

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