Retail Cleaning

Owners and managers of retail businesses expect their commercial cleaning company to maintain and adhere to all industry specific standards as well as government standards. This is because they will understand the hardship and efforts that go into ensuring and maintaining those standards.

Royal Cleaning Services offers commercial cleaning services for all types of businesses. All our employees are very well-trained and will strive to make your retail place shine.

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Retail spaces such as grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, convention centers, and shops get a lot of traffic every hour and they require regular cleaning maintenance to keep the premises tidy and presentable to the customers and a clean appearance is important to customers, so businesses need to maintain a consistent high standard of cleaning.

Royal Cleaning Services provides retail cleaning services to their clients, who can then focus on their core work while their employees work towards the organization’s productivity.

Areas to Clean on a Retail Store


When you consider areas in your retail store that you want to maintain and clean on a regular basis, the first one that comes to mind is dusting. Dusting shelves and display cases high and low is key to keeping your flat surfaces organized . From your shelving and display cases, to lights and wall structures, shoppers expect areas to be dust free and clean, making them easy to look at and browse.


Cleaning procedures are very important you also want to remember to sanitize and shine areas that get touched and used throughout the day such as: door handles, countertops and tabletops. Make sure to also clean reception areas and dressing rooms as well as behind your register. These areas will mopping , disinfecting, sanitizing  and polishing, but also tidying up and organizing to make sure the whole shop looks presentable and orderly.

Glass & Mirrors

Speaking of shining and cleaning, remember to keep mirrors, glass doors, and cases looking their best with daily wiping and polishing. When these areas look their best, they remind your customer that you provide the best and are on top of your cleanliness

Floors and Carpets Cleaning

Of course, you’ll want to address your floors on a daily basis, too. Whether you have tile, ceramic, carpet or hardwood in your retail store, addressing any dirt and debris that comes up during the day will keep your shop looking attractive and clean. And remember to do a thorough clean up in the evening as well. A daily approach to floor cleaning always makes your retail establishment look professional and polished, and helps your floors to stay clean.

Deep Cleaning

A last cleaning approach to consider is ‘cleaning program’ and larger projects like deep tile and hard surface floor cleaning, large or tall window areas, and carpet shampooing. Making time for these on a seasonal or a least yearly basis will really keep your shop looking its best throughout the year.

Retail Cleaning Services

Royal Cleaning Services operates in the Massachusetts & New Hampshire area providing services to commercial and industrial businesses.

Big or small, Royal Cleaning will ensure that customers are satisfied and the highest quality standards are maintained at all times.