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I was initially hesitant to call a Cleaning because I knew that my office space was so much smaller than many of the other businesses that they cleaned in the area, but I realized that I was spending so much time cleaning that I could have spent working. I called, and I wish I would have had called sooner. They were able to set me up on a routine cleaning schedule that met my needs and my budget.

Shannon Pelletier

Office reopening after the pandemic will require increased cleaning and disinfecting on an ongoing basis according to the guidelines published by Massachusetts: Safety Standards and Checklist: Office Spaces.

Royal Cleaning Services can help you set up a plan to address the cleaning and disinfecting portions of the office reopening guidelines. Call Roger at 800-997-7240 or use our free quote form for an estimate. Royal Cleaning Services LLC is a bonded and insured cleaning services company.

New customer first service 20% off, call 800-997-7240

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Proud of being a member of

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The crucial thing is to set up a checklist with your cleaning service to make sure the crucial common use items touched by multiple people are cleaned often. Here is the Massachusetts cleaning and disinfecting checklist:

Clean commonly touched surfaces in restrooms (e.g., toilet seats, doorknobs, stall handles, sinks, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers) frequently and in accordance with CDC guidelines

Conduct frequent cleaning and disinfection of site (at least daily and more frequently if feasible)

Keep cleaning logs that include date, time, and scope of cleaning

Conduct frequent disinfecting of heavy transit areas and high-touch surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, elevator buttons, staircases, vending machine, bathrooms)

Clean shared spaces (e.g., conference rooms) between use and supply cleaning products (e.g., sanitizer, disinfecting wipes)

In event of a positive case, follow current CDC guidance on cleaning and disinfecting areas when someone has a COVID-19 diagnosis

Open windows and doors to increase airflow where possible

Open your office and keep it safe!
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